Michael Moore: Trump Will Not Debate the Democratic Candidate in 2020


During a video interview with Rolling Stone magazine released Tuesday, left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore predicted President Donald Trump would not participate in a presidential debate in 2020.

Moore said, “He’s not going to debate anybody. He so knows his game, and we are still playing the old game. ‘Yep, there is going to be three debates.’ Are you fucking kidding me?  Anybody out there who is listening to this who thinks there are going to be debates, that this is going to be a normal year 2020, think again.”

He added, “He will come up with a reason. Whoever the candidate is, is treasonous, a trader, anti-American or there will be a national crisis or an emergency, there will be something. He is above debating anybody anymore. And he will never allow the control of that microphone switch to be in the hands of anybody but himself.”

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