GOP Rep. Collins: Antisemitism ‘a Disturbing Trend’ but We Can Overcome It

During a Monday interview with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) reacted to the recent acts of religious violence in the United States.

Collins noted the “trend” in antisemitism in the country, but said President Donald Trump and Congress are fighting back by making laws to combat antisemitism, adding he thinks the American people can overcome the “evil.”

“It’s a disturbing trend, but one in which also I think we do overcome because people do see the evil that is out there,” Collins outlined.

“I think the biggest solution is call antisemitic activity for what it is,” he added. “I think the biggest thing though is let’s take a step back. Why is this out there and why do we allow it to go on? No people group, no matter who they are, should be terrorized by others who simply hate them. They should not be in a position in which they’re allowed to say things that encourage violence or encourage a position in which people can say it’s OK to not like this or that group of people. We’ve got to get better than this.”

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