Dem Sen. Casey: ‘Trials Have Documents and Evidence’ ‘Cover-ups Don’t’

During Friday’s Democratic Weekly Address, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) discussed the Senate’s impeachment trial and stated that “Trials have documents and evidence. Cover-ups don’t.”

Casey said, “Americans know that a fair trial requires relevant witnesses and testimony. In fact, 75% of Americans support calling witnesses. Yet, Republicans have blocked them at every turn. It seems that the president is calling the shots, dictating the Republican approach to this trial. Senate Democrats will continue to push for fairness. Trials have documents and evidence. Cover-ups don’t. This is the third presidential impeachment trial in our country’s history, and it would be the only one to be conducted without calling a single witness. In fact, every completed impeachment trial in history, for both judges and presidents, have actually included new witnesses that were not originally interviewed in the House. … Americans deserve a fair trial, anything less is a cover-up.”

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