FNC’s Wallace: ‘I Would Be Very Surprised If Iowa Leads the States Rolls When We Get to 2024’

Monday on Fox News as the Iowa Caucus was still uncertain, network host Chris Wallace categorized the Iowa Democratic Party’s effort as having “failed.”

Wallace went on to say he would be “very surprised” if Iowa was first in 2024.

“[I] would think that even if and when they get numbers, they’re going to have to go through the numbers and the process with every single one of these campaigns before they put them out. So I would take the over on how long it’s going to be before we get any numbers. And I know you asked earlier, Bret is this the last Iowa caucus or at least the last Iowa as the first state in the nation caucus, and I love Iowa, and I think the people there take it very seriously, but the Iowa Democratic Party has failed them terribly tonight, and I would be very surprised if Iowa leads the state rolls when we get to 2024.

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