Watch: CNN’s Dana Bash Snubbed by VP Pence, Senators Entering SOTU

CNN political correspondent Dana Bash unsuccessfully attempted to interview Vice President Mike Pence and several senators as they entered the House chamber to hear President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Bash said, “Hi there, Anderson. I just want to let you know that the senators are coming down. They’re going to pass us momentarily. Led by the president of the Senate. The Vice President of the United States. Mr. Vice President, how you feeling? Is it awkward to be there with the president almost acquitted or maybe —”

As Pence walked past Bash without providing a response, she said, “OK, we tried.”

As others walked by, she asked to speak to Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL).

“Senator Shelby, can you stop for one second?” Bash asked.

Shelby replied, “I can’t stop.”

Bash said, “OK. You can’t stop.”

“We’re trying here,” she continued. “The senators, I will just tell you one of the reasons why they’re not stopping is because it’s tradition, to be fair, it is tradition for them to walk together. You can see that they’re walking, a lot of them — Senator Romney — a lot of them are walking with members of the Senate of the opposite party. So, I can keep trying to get them to stop, senator, would you like to stop? We can keep trying, but the reality is— I’ve seen this movie before, and they like to come out and talk and walk with one another — again, especially across party lines. Anderson, back to you.”

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