Scarborough Praises Romney Vote to Convict Trump — Guided by ‘a Higher Calling’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough heaped praise on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) on Thursday for his vote to convict President Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, which made him the only GOP senator to vote with the Democrats.

Scarborough claimed Romney was guided by “a higher calling” in his vote to convict Trump on the charge of abuse of power.

“I’ve always had such great respect for [Mitt Romney],” Scarborough outlined. “One of the things, though, that I’ve always noticed about him … in one particular way, he’s maddingly cautious. Especially when it comes to politics, he takes the safe route, the calculated route — it is who he is.”

He added, “In Mitt’s case, because of a higher calling, because of an oath to God. And that’s what’s different about these times. Yes, we see a lot of people acting worse. But Mika, in this case, you see some people actually taking chances they would have never taken in normal times.”

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