CNBC’s Cramer: ‘Seems Likely’ We All Get Coronavirus

Thursday, CNBC anchor Jim Cramer discussed the coronavirus as it spreads around the world and is seemingly affecting the financial markets.

Cramer likened the coronavirus to the measles and chickenpox, saying on “Squawk on the Street” that it “seems likely” everyone will get it.

“[W]hen we had measles and chickenpox, to really default to the personal, my mother and father said you’re going to get it and it’s going to be bad and then you’ll live, you’ll go on some people wouldn’t make it but this is measles and probably going to get it,” he remarked. “You never thought that you wouldn’t get it. This is before the vaccine — it wasn’t whooping cough, but it was measles and chickenpox and we just said, ‘OK, let’s get through it.’ People will say, ‘No, Jim, the death rate is blah, blah, blah.’ But I’m talking about the inevitability of getting it. Seems likely.”

Cramer also maintained that President Donald Trump is not at fault for the market sell-off, agreeing with the president that the coronavirus is partly to blame.

“I’m not by any means saying it’s the end of the world this is not zombie nation,” he advised. “I’m saying we were priced 10 days ago for things going up pretty good. So now, we can’t just price for things going up not as well, we have to price for things not going up in terms of economic activity again, I’m going to reiterate, hate him or like him, it’s not the president’s fault.”

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