Al Sharpton: The ‘Danger’ of Trump Is He Has No Compassion

Network host Al Sharpton said Friday on MSNBC the danger of President Donald Trump was he had no compassion, which Sharpton claimed was evidenced in the Trump’s administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

When asked by a reporter on the White House lawn asked about coronavirus, President Donald Trump said, “I am going to South Carolina. Big rally, a lot of people, thousands of people outside. It’s going to be very exciting. We have a big day tomorrow in terms of the Democrats, watching see what happens. And then on Tuesday, you have a very big day, so it’s interesting to see. ”

He continued, “We’re at the same number. A lot of people with getting better, very much better. The 15 number plus we took in as you know from Japan, we took in some great American people and citizens, and they’re getting better very rapidly. They are doing well. All of them are doing well. The 15 people, likewise, we have them down to a much lower number. They’re in good shape. Most of them are in really good shape. One of the people is — I wouldn’t say not doing well, but it’s very—she’s very sick, but she is hopefully getting better. But we’re at the same number. We have had essentially 15. And a lot of that’s because I called it early. We made a decision very early to close up our borders to certain areas of the world. We did that. And so we are hopefully getting lower from that number but let’s see what happens into the future. Some countries are doing well.”

Sharpton said, “I have got to say this; this is the danger of Donald Trump, compassion and him don’t walk together because his initial —”

Host Nicolle Wallace said, “I would argue neither do numbers and specifics.”

Sharpton said, “But you start by saying we are on our way to South Carolina thousands of people are coming out. They asked him about the virus, the coronavirus, and he starts promoting the rally in South Carolina with thousands, we will have a great day, he Democrats. He then gets around to the fact that we’re dealing with a real problem here. That’s the danger of having somebody who has no sensitivity other than to say something about himself. ”

Wallace said, “Amen.”

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