Biden Deputy Manager Bedingfield: This Is ‘One of the Greatest Political Comebacks’ in Modern American History

During CNN’s Super Tuesday coverage, Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield stated that Biden made “one of the greatest political comebacks in modern American political history.” and voters said, “we want results. We don’t want revolution.”

Bedingfield said, “I think this is one of the greatest comebacks — one of the greatest political comebacks in modern American political history. But you saw tonight an overwhelming response to Joe Biden’s message. You saw people say, we want results. We don’t want revolution. And you saw Joe Biden was the enthusiasm candidate. We had turnout in places like Virginia and North Carolina that was higher than turnout in the primary in 2016. So, people were coming out in droves to vote for Joe Biden. Because they know him, they know his heart, they have a sense of the empathy and the dignity that he will restore to the White House, and they believe in his vision for the country. And he won African-American voters tonight. He did incredibly well in the suburbs, which — those are the voters who made Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House in 2018. So, he showed tonight that he is the only candidate in this race who can put together the Obama-Biden coalition.”

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