Van Jones: In 72 Hours Joe Biden Went ‘from a Joke to a Juggernaut’

CNN political commentator and former Obama adviser Van Jones said during his network’s Super Tuesday coverage that former Vice President Joe Biden went “from a joke to a juggernaut,” beginning with his win in the South Carolina primary.

Jones said, “This is this a test here? What is it better to have a movement like Bernie Sanders? Or money like Bloomberg? Or is it better to have momentum like Joe Biden? It’s apparently better to have momentum. I think what’s so remarkable we have seen in a 72-hour period Joe Biden going from a joke to a juggernaut. That’s what’s happened. I have not seen anything like this ever. He could come from this far back with no money, no machine, no organization just based on this idea that he can get it done is unbelievable. I think it’s a moment of truth for Bernie Sanders.”

Former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod said, “It is true that what we are talking about now is who will end up as the delegate leader tonight? That would have been an inconceivable discussion a week ago. The notion, the faint hope of the Biden folks, even a few days ago gas we could just hang within a couple of hundred delegates of Bernie Sanders. So you know, it doesn’t mean that— I  mean, this means we are at the beginning of a new phase of the race. This is a two-person race.”

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