Biden Spox Bedingfield: Questioning Joe’s Fitness ‘Disgusting Smear’

Presidential candidate Joe Biden‘s communication’s director Kate Bedingfield clashed with Fox News anchor Ed Henry over President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign questioning the former vice president’s fitness.

Henry asked, “I want to ask you about the videos that keep coming out. Whether it was the one over the weekend where Joe Biden seemed to be struggling to talk about whether or not you should vote for him or Donald Trump’s reelection. Bottom line is you know the Trump campaign is pushing these videos out there, and they’re asking a basic question. Is Joe Biden fit to be commander-in-chief? How do you answer that?”

Bedingfield said, “I have to say this is a disgusting smear tactic, and this kind of thing is exactly why people want Joe Biden to be president. This kind of false, misleading, basically conspiracy theory, a desperate —”

Henry interrupted, “I’ll let you talk Hang on. How is it a smear tactic to ask you about a video where the vice president, in his own words, struggles to complete a sentence? How is that a smear tactic?”

Bedingfield said, “Ed, respectfully, how many times have you struggled to complete a sentence on air? That’s ridiculous. Let’s roll the tape. That’s ridiculous.”

Henry shot back, “I’m not running for president, Kate.”

Bedingfield said, “If I’m Donald Trump and I saw Joe Biden last night giving the speech that he gave sounding presidential, looking like a leader, if I’m looking at the turnout that he is generating across the country, I’m scared too and starting to throw this kind of nonsense against the wall.”

She added, “This is exactly the kind of thing the American people are sick of they are tired of. They want Joe Biden, somebody, with dignity and empathy in the White House — and why we’re seeing some of the enormous turnout we’re seeing.”

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