De Blasio: ‘Thousands Will Die’ if Trump Doesn’t Nationalize Medical Companies, Mobilize Military

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned, “a lot of people are going to die” if medical companies are not nationalized, and the United States military is not mobilized.

The mayor said the numbers of deaths across the country could amount to the “thousands” if President Donald Trump does not act.

“Mika, a lot of people are going to die who don’t have to die,” warned de Blasio. “That is the blunt truth.”

He continued, “It will start with dozens, and it will go to hundreds, and it will go farther than that when you talk about this country. The reality today, this minute, Mika, is if the president does not act in a matter of days, because look at the trajectory of this crisis, you can see it clear as a bell now. If the president does not act within days to maximize the use of a Defense Production Act to put every company that can produce a ventilator or a surgical mask or any other necessary supply, put them on full 24/7 production, and guarantee that those products get to the front line, get to where the need is greatest if he doesn’t do that in the next few days if he does not mobilize the United States military immediately, not only will hundreds die around the nation who didn’t need to die, thousands will die around the nation who didn’t need to die. People who will die waiting to get into a hospital, people who will die at a hospital because there is no equipment, or there is no medical personnel who can help them in time.”

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