GOP Rep. Green: Trump Coronavirus Response a ‘Good Solid A’ — Left, Media Mischaracterization ‘Infuriating’

Representative Mark Green (R-TN) gives President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic high marks, despite criticism from the political left and the media.

Green, who is also a physician, told Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Friday that Trump was deserving of a “good solid A,” and acknowledged a couple of missteps given the breakout was akin to an ambush.

“Here’s the problem with both the media and the left, particularly this left: If you’re in the middle of a crisis like this when the enemy is overrunning your position,” Green said on “The Jeff Poor Show.” “I mean, that’s kind of where we are. We got ambushed, and you’re going to miss a couple of things. Let’s say you miss two questions on the test — you make a 98. But the left is going to about the two things you missed on the test all day long. They’re going to repeat it 500 times, and they’re going to convince people that it was the most horrible response on the planet. But if you look at it really — it was a 98, a solid A — a good solid A. And that’s the problem with the left and the media. It’s so infuriating.”

“Fortunately, most Americans, most Tennesseans and folks from Alabama know and understand this,” he continued. “And thank God we get it because that’s the heart of the problem. They seize on that, and that’s the challenge we have to overcome. We have to make friends with it, drive through it and continue to do the best we can and communicate where we can and where we have successes. But just know in the midst of a fight like this, there are going to be a few things — a few balls that get dropped. And hopefully, we can defend from the guys that really don’t care about the end result. They just want to be critical.”

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