Labor Sec Scalia: ‘The More Disciplined We Are Now, the Quicker We Can Spring Back and Get People Back to Work’

Saturday, Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia offered a synopsis on the current job situation in the United States, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Scalia told Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” higher losses would be on the way but urge discipline in dealing with the outbreak as a remedy to expedite the economic pain.

“It is important to know that the report we put out yesterday, which did show those 700,000 in job losses, actually just covered the first part of March,” he said. “We stopped collecting data at about the middle of the month. And as you know, the middle of the month is when a lot of these statewide closures started. The next report in May, yes, it will pick up the first couple weeks of April as well as the end of March and we’ll see — we’ll see higher losses.”

“This is — this is different than any economic downturn we’ve ever had in American history because it’s purposeful,” Scalia continued. “We are doing this on purpose to combat the virus and — but it’s also temporary. And that’s good news. It’s purposeful, it’s temporary. The more disciplined we are now, the quicker we can spring back and get people back to work. But we know there’s going to be another difficult job report but more importantly, we know that a lot of Americans are struggling right now.”

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