De Blasio: Trump Will Be Viewed Similarly as Ford, Hoover; ‘He Should Kiss His Reelection Goodbye’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio doubled down Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day” on his belief that history will “judge” President Donald Trump “very harshly” for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to de Blasio, Trump will be viewed in the same light as former Presidents Gerald Ford and Herbert Hoover. The mayor also said Trump “should kiss his reelection goodbye” if he thinks he can convince voters he can “get the basics right.”

“[Trump’s] literally said nothing about how to help the place that’s been the epicenter to get back on its feet,” de Blasio charged. “So, what I think the president should be thinking about is two things … and only two things: testing so we can actually all beat back this disease, and the stimulus to allow our cities and our states, our economy to recover. These are the two things he’s dropped the ball on. And he’s not even talking about — when you ask him how are we going to get cities and states going again?”

“He has nothing to say about it,” he continued. “He wants to talk about immigration. He doesn’t want to talk about what’s actually happening on the ground with the people he’s supposed to be serving. And I think history’s going to judge him very harshly and put him in the same camp as Gerald Ford and even Herbert Hoover, who ignored what the depression was doing to people and failed to bring the country back. That’s where this president is now. And he should kiss his reelection goodbye if he thinks he’s going to be able to convince the American people to want four more years of a guy who can’t even get the basics right.”

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