McConnell: Battle for Control of the Senate Will Be a ‘Dog Fight’

Monday on Fox News Radio’s “The Guy Benson Show,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the 2020 election fight for control of the Senate was “going to be a dog fight.”

McConnell said, “Let me just say that the Senate majority has not been a certainty at any point this cycle. We always knew from the beginning, and I’ve said consistently that it’s going to be a dog fight.”

He continued, “I think it is also true that the Democrats are doing a better job of raising funds in recent years than we have. But we took the Senate in 2014, we kept it in 2016, we increased our number in 2018, so the fact that the Democrats are raising more money shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. That’s been the case. Now we do have a lot of exposure. This is the big class that took the majority in 2014, so we have a lot of people up, 23 seats to defend they only have twelve.”

He added, “I think it’s a tough fight. We don’t have a lock on it, nor do they. It’s going to be a fight to the finish. Sort of like a knife fight in an alley.”

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