Scarborough to Trump 2020 Campaign: ‘The Conspiracy Theories — They’re Not Working’

During a Wednesday MSNBC “Morning Joe” discussion about President Donald Trump sparring with reporters and others over the coronavirus pandemic, host Joe Scarborough questioned the tactic behind attacking others as he tries to get reelected in 2020.

Scarborough pointed to Trump’s 2020 polling numbers, adding there is a concern in the White House Trump will lose some key states he won in 2016. He advised Trump to take a look at his operation and ask himself why he continues to “damage” his campaign by insulting women, doctors and others in the medical community because it is not helping his reelection chances.

“If you’re a Republican and you’re having to dump money in northwest Florida right now in a presidential race where you’re looking bad in Pennsylvania, you’re looking bad in Michigan, you’re looking bad in Wisconsin, you’re looking bad in Arizona, you’re looking bad in Nevada, you’re looking bad in Colorado, you’re really competitive in North Carolina, you’re spending money in northwest Florida?” he asked. “You’re spending money in Grand Rapids? Whew. Time to look at your operation and see how you got in such bad shape in May, or start looking at yourself and asking why you keep inflicting damage on your own campaign — insulting women, insulting doctors, insulting the medical community. Donald, the conspiracy theories — they’re not working.”

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