LA Mayor Garcetti to Trump: ‘Real Men Wear Face Masks’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said to be a model for the American people President Donald Trump should be wearing a face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic because “real men wear face masks.”

Mitchell asked, “The president is now leaving for Michigan. He’s going into a state that requires wearing a face covering. He hasn’t said yet, as far as I know, whether he is going to wear a mask. He has not been seen wearing one, and he’s also, as you know, done things that go against CDC guidelines and against FDA warnings in taking a risky medication. Mayor Garcetti, what should the president do in terms of the way he models behavior for the rest of the country?”

Garcetti said, “Simply put, he’s our commander-in-chief. I say real men wear face masks when they’re going to be with other people in public. It’s our gateway to increasing freedom and more economic activity and greater opening up. I think modeling that is something so important for all of our leaders, and any men who don’t want to wear face masks got to get over ourselves and just do it.”

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