FNC’s Chris Wallace: Video of Floyd Killing ‘May Be the Ugliest We Have Ever Seen’

Friday on Fox News Channel, “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said video of George Floyd’s killing may be “the ugliest we have ever seen.”

Wallace said, “The police do a great job 99 percent of the time. They protect us from violence and protect us from crime, but unfortunately, every once in a while, we see one of these videos of police violence against individuals, and too often against African American individuals. And this particular video, I think we would all agree, may be the ugliest we have ever seen because George Floyd is so defenseless, there’s no fight, there’s no resistance, there’s no need for any force. He’s on the ground, handcuffed behind his back, and this officer presses his full weight on his knee into the man’s neck minute after minute after minute.”

He continued, “A police officer and a law enforcement officer was savagely, brutally hurting this man, and eventually killing him. The only thing I can think of that even compares is 1968, the Vietnam War in full force, the Americans being killed and protesters being shot and killed in college campuses. And then the Democratic convention in Chicago with the antiwar protesters and police hitting them in the streets, a lot of those protesters were breaking the law themselves and being very violent. Those were the times where you sort of wondered is the center going to hold? Are we going to stay together as a society?”

He added, “Fortunately, we do, and I think we will again in this case. There are tough times the country goes through, and you just hope that wiser heads prevail, calmer heads prevail and order triumphs over disorder.”

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