Carson: We Need to ‘Grow Up as a Society’ — Stop ‘Renaming Everything’ Because of Racial History

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson called on society to “grow up” and stop renaming things because of the racial history.

Stephanopoulos asked, “The president’s convention acceptance speech is scheduled for Jacksonville on August 27th, a KKK mob attacked mostly black civil rights protesters. Is it appropriate to have a convention speech on that anniversary in that city?”

Carson said, “You know, we’ve reached a point in our society where we dissect everything and try to ascribe some nefarious notion to it. We really feed to move away from that. We need to move away from being offended by everything, of going through history and looking at everything, of renaming everything. I mean, think about the fact that some of our universities, some of our prestigious universities, have a relationship with the slave trade. Should we go and rename those universities? You know, it really gets to a point of being ridiculous after a while, and you know, we have to grow up as a society.”

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