Green Bay Mayor Genrich: Trump Encouraging Masks Would Have Saved Tens of Thousands of Lives

Thursday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” Green Bay, WI Mayor Eric Genrich (D) said if President Donald Trump had encouraged American’s to wear masks, “tens of thousands of lives” would have been saved.

Host Chris Cuomo said, “The pandemic is going to play large for people in terms of how they feel on the state and federal level this was handled. The return or the resurgence of cases seems to be linked to a relaxing of isolation and mask-wearing. What is your concern about what the president is going to say, and what do you want people to know?”

Genrich said, “Well, I do think it’s incredibly unfortunate that the president has chosen to politicize the act of wearing a mask. It’s an incredibly apathetic step to take, you know, the idea that wearing a mask is somehow a political statement is absurd when, of course, you have the CDC and public health experts all the way from the national level down to the local level encouraging people to wear masks.”

He added, “If the president had taken the same step, had all along been encouraging people to take this step to wear masks, to keep people safe, I think, you know, the outcome would have been much more positive. We would have saved tens of thousands of lives, and we wouldn’t see the uptick in cases that we’ve seen unfortunately in Wisconsin in recent days and so many other states around the country.”

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