Dowd: Unless Trump ‘Fundamentally Changes’ Reelection Will Be ‘Hard’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” network political analyst Matthew Dowd said President Donald Trump had to “fundamentally change” to win in November.

Dowd said, “I think fundamentally they mistook 2016. They thought they won because of Donald Trump, they won in spite of Donald Trump. He finished with the highest unfavorable rating, and he still won the election, lost the popular vote in that election. The problem Donald Trump has isn’t Joe Biden. It’s the environment he is in and that he doesn’t fit the environment that he is in. We have an environment that wants change, that isn’t satisfied where things are, doesn’t approve of this president, is upset about the economy, is upset about the pandemic of COVID-19, and the president doesn’t seem to be responding to that.”

He continued, “The problem is fundamentally the president of the United States does not fit the moment we are in America, unless he fundamentally changes, it will be very hard to win reelection.”

He added, “The pandemic will cast a pall over this entire election. Not only because of the economy but because people’s fundamental concern about healthcare and how they are going to live their lives in this new normal. Are we going to back to school? Eat out again? All those things. We’re a moment in time, each candidate have to figure out how to address the moment in time, and the president is behind the eight ball.”

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