Rove: Trump Bubba Wallace Tweet Not Advancing His Cause ‘at All’

Former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove on Tuesday reacted to President Donald Trump’s tweet about the alleged noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall at Talladega. A NASCAR and FBI investigation later deemed the “noose” which was found by a Wallace team member to be the garage pull rope rather than a hate crime aimed at the series’ only black driver.

Despite the controversy seeming to be over, Trump on Monday lashed out at Wallace for the “HOAX” and asked if he had apologized to his fellow drivers who all stood by his side in a show of solidarity.

In a Fox News Channel “America’s Newsroom” interview, Rove questioned the president’s decision to tweet about the incident, saying it does not advance his cause as he seeks reelection in 2020.

“Did what the president tweet on Monday advance the cause that he laid out on Saturday? And I think the answer is an unambiguous no, it did not,” Rove advised. “The president has a limited number of days between now and the election. And when he tweets, it’s a powerful message, and the question is does that message continue to advance the narrative that he and those around him decided that he would lay out on Saturday at Mount Rushmore? And the answer is no, it didn’t.”

“I saw his press secretary yesterday say to the White House press corps why aren’t you asking about all of the violence that was in our American cities over the weekend with a tragic death of a number of preteens? Why aren’t you asking about that? That was a good question. But the answer is because of president didn’t tweet about that, he tweeted about Bubba Wallace and the Confederate flag and NASCAR, and I don’t see those advance cause at all,” he added.

Instead of tweeting about Wallace and NASCAR, Rove said Trump should have tweeted about the young black people who were killed over the weekend in acts of “needless violence.”

“The president advances his cause when he uses his powerful voice that he has to advance his cause,” Rove stated. “And he could have advanced his cause on Monday by instead of tweeting about Bubba Wallace, instead tweeting about the names of these young black girls and boys who were killed in acts of needless violence in America’s major cities. That’s what America’s concerned about. They’re not concerned about Bubba Wallace, they’re not concerned about the Confederate flag.”

He continued, “He can advance his cause in this election year by paying more attention to the things that Americans care about like the violence that’s occurring in our major cities.”

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