FNC’s Hilton: Either Reopen Schools This Fall ‘or Give Me My Money Back’

Sunday, Steve Hilton, host of Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” sounded off on the impact of schools remaining closed in the fall amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hilton emphasized that schools remaining closed is “harming” the country’s children and the economy, arguing the science is showing the coronavirus has a similar health risk to the flu.

“Here in America, summer camps are closed, and school plans are in doubt,” Hilton stated. “This is not safe. It’s harming our children. Almost a third of parents say their children’s emotional and mental health is suffering. Another third worry that it’ll start hurting their children soon. It’s hurting their education and their future prospects, too. The evidence is piling up that remote learning doesn’t work, especially for the poorest families and those in rural areas with unreliable internet. And perhaps worst of all, we’re seeing a rise in child abuse. Beyond the impact on children, there’s the impact on our economy. If kids can’t go to school, parents can’t go to work.”

Hilton then urged viewers to demand their money back if schools refuse to reopen in the fall.

“We believe in decentralization on this show, and we believe, above all, in people power,” he advised. “It’s time to use it over this school’s fiasco. If your child’s school won’t open this fall, demand your money back so you can find an alternative. It’s your child. It’s your tax dollars. Why should you pay for a service you’re not getting? That’s our new campaign — reopen schools or give me my school money back. Take it to the courts.”

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