CNN’s Navarro: Ivanka Holds a Can of Beans Like Trump ‘Holds a Bible’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” network contributor Ana Navarro critiqued Senior Advisor to the President and first daughter Ivanka Trump for allegedly breaking federal ethics law by using her position at the White House to endorse Goya food products whose CEO Robert Unanue supports President Donald Trump.

Tuesday, Ivanka tweeted a photo of herself holding a can of Goya black beans in support of Unanue, who is facing a boycott for his Trump support.

Navarro said, “Here is the problem. I believe the CEO of Goya has the right to express his political preference. I believe the Latino consumers, the people who consume beans, have all the right to express themselves by boycotting, by supporting or not supporting — except if you are a senior adviser at the White House, except if you are a member of the administration. Because it is a law that people cannot use their government-paid jobs to help any sort of brand or any company, it is a law. She broken ethics, she has broken regulations, she’s broken a law by doing that.”

She continued, “I know that when your last name is Trump, you’re used to breaking laws. You’re used to breaking laws with your foundation and used to breaking laws with your brand. You’re very used to having other people break laws by advertising your brands as happened with Kellyanne Conway when she began working in the administration. But let me tell you another thing she did. She broke Latino laws. I don’t know anyone dressing in white silk to cook a can of black beans. That in itself makes no sense.”

She added, “If you want to be supportive of Goya, or any other company, then quit your job. Do us all a favor and quit your job because you’re not very effective at your job anyway. But if you are taking up all things Latin and supporting Latin food and causes, it would be nice if they have the same passion for the men and women, the migrant workers who pick the vegetables that go in those cans. It would be nice if they take up the cause of Dreamers. And if she’s going to highlight an oppression of Latins, while she’s using her government job, how about this? How about a picture of a baby at border laying on a cement floor using foil as a blanket. How about that? So I think it is the hypocrisy that gets caught in our craw. Seeing her violate a law, hold a can of beans like that. Listen, she holds a can of beans with the same familiarity her father holds a Bible. They don’t know what they’re doing. And at the same time, they’re separating children at the border. They’re calling Latin countries s-holes and demonizing immigrants and trying to kick out dreamers.”

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