GOP Sen. Kennedy: ‘Keeping the Schools Closed Is Going to Do Far More Harm to Our Kids Than the Coronavirus Ever Can’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) discussed the reopening of schools this fall amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kennedy, noting that the coronavirus is less harmful to children, emphasized that keeping schools closed “is going to do far more harm to our kids than the coronavirus ever can.” The Louisiana senator added that the decision should be up to the parents, but he stressed the importance of schooling for kids’ mental health, education, healthcare, counseling and more.

“Our kids don’t seem to be as susceptible or at least get nearly as sick as adults do from the coronavirus,” Kennedy told host Sandra Smith. “I think we’ve had 30 deaths of kids under 15. That’s 30 too many, of course. I think that keeping the schools closed is going to do far more harm to our kids than the coronavirus ever can. Now, it is up to the parents. I believe parents ultimately are responsible for their kids. If you won’t, don’t want to send your kid back to school, don’t. If you are a teacher, and you don’t want to go back, don’t. That’s between him and the school board. But I just think for many of our children in America, school is the most stable thing in their lives. It’s more than just education. It’s health care, it’s mental health, it’s counseling, and we need to get them open. I’ve watched dozens of other countries do it. Even Vietnam, for God’s sakes, has opened up their schools. If they can do it safely, we can, too.”

Kennedy also called into question the politicization of reopening schools during the health crisis.

“I think [Democrats] like the political chaos of having our schools closed,” he stated. “They think it will help them in November. I just think we ought to think about the next generation, not the election.”

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