Maxine Waters: Trump’s ‘Unidentified’ Federal Agents Could ‘Resist’ When He Is Not Reelected

Monday on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) responded to President Donald Trump’s comments about not accepting the election results.

Waters said, “I have said all along that this man is a deplorable human being. Certainly, there’s nothing that he could say that would shock me anymore. So he’s already, you know, basically talked about, perhaps, there might be a civil war, and when we tells you he cannot commit to stepping down, believe him. Believe him because I tell you, something is going on in this country. When I take a look at what is going on in Oregon, and who are these federal agents, unidentified, in unmarked cars, that are raining down on the protesters? Who are these people are they organized by and with the president of the United States? Are there more of them? Are they in practice for what they’re going to do when they resist the fact that this president, perhaps, is not going to be re-elected?”

She continued, “I think Americans should be worried, but I thought all along that Americans should be concerned. This is the most flawed character that I’ve ever encountered in my life. He’s dangerous. I believe him when he says that he cannot tell us whether or not he’s going to accept, you know if he is not elected. He cannot give you any reassurance that he will do what the Constitution expects any president to do, a  and that is step down.”

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