Kennedy: ‘Democrats Are Mad’ Tech Companies ‘Don’t Discriminate Enough’ Against Conservatives

In a Thursday appearance on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) weighed in on the Big Tech hearings regarding the silencing of conservatives on their platforms.

Kennedy noted that most tech CEOs and their employees are “left of Lenin liberals” who value money first and their politics second. He went on to point out the “irony” that “Democrats are mad” the companies “don’t discriminate enough.”

“They do discriminate against conservative points of view,” Kennedy advised. “Now the irony is that the Democrats are mad at them because they think, the Democrats think, they mean that the platforms, don’t discriminate enough. One option is to consider breaking them up, another option is to ask the FTC to do its job and make them stop discriminating one way or the other.”

Host Sandra Smith told Kennedy the companies have pushed back against the notion that they stifle conservatives.

“They’re lying,” he exclaimed. “And the FTC needs to do its job.”

Smith asked Kennedy if he is calling to break up the big tech companies, but he said he would prefer the Federal Trade Commission do its job and not allow companies to silence political opinions.

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