MSNBC’s Maxwell: Today Obama Represented Our Best — In Stark Contrast to Trump’s ‘Cruelty’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” political analyst Zerlina Maxwell said on her network that former President Barack Obama’s eulogy to John Lewis was a look back to a “president that represented the best of America,” while President Donald Trump “represents really the worst of our character.”

O’Donnell said, “I give you this day to reflect on as you will the tale of two presidencies, the chaos of the Trump presidency and then a glimpse back on that pulpit today of that presidency that preceded it.”

Maxwell said, “I think so many Americans today when they heard the sound of President Obama’s voice immediately began to feel more relaxed and more stable. I know I’m not just speaking for myself because it’s been so long since we had a president that represented the best of America. I think what we’re living through right now is a testament to how Donald Trump represents really the worst of our character, the cruelty, the meanness, the mean-spiritedness, the selfishness at the expense of others.”

She added, “I think that what President Obama spoke to in terms of the legacy of John Lewis and why I think it resonated so much today across generations is this idea that the fight is a continual fight. I think the late Congressman Lewis knew that. He knew that he was a part of a continuing struggle. He saw young activists. He mentored so many young movement leaders in this moment to do the work because there is nothing automatic to President Obama’s words today about democracy. It requires action and persistent courage, as Congressman Lewis demonstrated throughout his life.”

“And I think it was very clear today that President Obama is very clear-eyed as we head into the upcoming election as we look forward because what’s so critically important is that ensuring that black and brown people, who for so long they tried to strip away our rights— that is what Congressman Lewis was fighting for —that access to the ballot box,” Maxwell continued. “They’re still doing that now. Demographics are shifting. The Republicans are trying to take away the votes of those communities that can transform this nation. I think President Obama today spoke to the legacy of Congressman Lewis as we go into this election so that we can all sort of be put on notice right now that it is critically important to live out his legacy through participating in this election and beyond this election really, continuing to fight back and push back against the powers that be.”

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