Scarborough: ‘Financial Reasons’ Possibile Motivation for Medical Professionals Backing Hydroxychloroquine

Tuesday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough claimed that some medical professionals have backed the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment for the coronavirus because of “financial reasons.”

Scarborough said these “phonies” and “quacks” go against the “overwhelming weight of science” that says HCQ is not the right drug for COVID-19.

“[Misinformation is] actually the word,” Scarborough told co-host Mika Brzezinski after she claimed President Donald Trump is “spreading misinformation” about children and the coronavirus.

“I think ‘lying’ is actually a more accurate way to put it instead of misinformation,” he continued. “Yeah, he is out and out lying, as he has from the beginning of this pandemic. He’s continuing to lie about hydroxychloroquine, continuing to lie despite the fact his own FDA said don’t take it, it’s dangerous. Trump’s FDA said that. And Admiral Brett Giroir, who’s in charge — in charge — he’s like the czar of testing, said, ‘Let’s move beyond hydroxychloroquine. It doesn’t work.’ Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the same thing, and yet you’ve got these quacks, you’ve got these cranks, you’ve got these phonies, still going around, I guess for financial reasons, still talking about anecdotal evidence, where the overwhelming weight of science says hydroxychloroquine is not the drug to take for COVID-19. It’s really shocking. But it’s one more example of these alternative facts we’ve been talking about that autocrats use for whatever reason. And Donald Trump is using a pandemic and spreading misinformation in a pandemic. And guess what that misinformation and those lies in the pandemic do, Mika? They kill people. And that’s what’s happened.”

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