CNN’s Cuomo on Pelosi Salon Visit: ‘Maybe She Was Listening to the President’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” host Chris Cuomo reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) visit to a salon where she didn’t wear a mask by remarking that Pelosi might be “falling under the influence” of President Trump.

“AC360” guest host John Berman discussed the Pelosi story and stated that Pelosi didn’t offer any proof for her setup claims and should know the rules in her own city.

After reading one of President Trump’s tweets on the matter, Berman stated, “But, consider this, the crowds of unmasked and not socially distanced audience members at the president’s speech at the White House on the final day of the Republican Convention or the president’s own, maskless, visit to a hurricane relief center in Louisiana last week. The state’s own guidelines say masks should be warn when in public indoors and out. So, yes, it is fair to criticize the House Speaker, who should have known better. But it’s fair to criticize anyone who breaks the restrictions, guidelines, and just plain common sense we all should live by.”

Berman then handed off to Cuomo, who stated, “Maybe she was listening to the president who said masks are weakness, who’s always encouraging people to take off masks, who held his big speech about how to control the pandemic in front of a crowd that was largely without masks. Maybe Pelosi’s falling under the influence.”

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