Herschel Walker: NFL’s ‘Got a Mess on Their Hands’ with BLM Support — ‘Not Doing Their Research’

In a Friday interview with Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” former star NFL running back Herschel Walker said the NFL “has got a mess on their hands” when it comes to their handling of promoting Black Lives Matter and social activism.

Walker questioned why the league has not done proper research on what exactly they are allowing to be promoted.

“One of the biggest problems, I think, the NFL has got a mess on their hands,” Walker emphasized. “You know, at the very beginning, I said you should not put politics and sports, but since they have, it seems like their researchers are not doing the research. You know, most of the people that are putting on their helmet have … problems with the law.”

“I wouldn’t want to put anyone that had a spat with the law on the back of my helmet, and why they’re not putting a police officer that’s been killed on the back of their helmet? Why are they not putting a young child killed by a stray bullet on the back of their helmet? But you know, when you look at the NFL overall, and I ask a question here which is very, very important, why the NFL is promoting Black Lives Matter because I heard one of the cofounders say we train Marxists. So, that tells me right there, what are you doing, why are you guys not doing the research, unless you really believe in a trained Marxists that you’re going to represent and that the players represent that.”

The Heisman winner called on the NFL to turn around from their mistake and do “the right thing” because the NFL is telling young men and women that it is OK to break the law and not to cooperate with the police.

“The right thing today is law and order,” he added. “We need law and order. We need people to get themselves together and someone needs to take control, and I think that’s got to be the commissioner. You know, if you’re the commissioner, sometimes being a leader people will not like what you do but you gotta do what’s right. … Right now, we’re telling our young men and women that it’s OK to break the law where it is not. We’re telling the young African-American men not to cooperate with the police because you seem to be idolized and be heroes. Well, that is not what we need to be telling.”

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