Maher: Truth Has to Be ‘in the Middle’ Between Critical Race Theory Saying ‘Racism Is Everything and Everywhere’ and Denying Racism

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that the truth has to be in the middle between people on the right who say reverse racism is a worse problem and critical race theory’s argument that “racism is everything and everywhere.”

Maher said, “It seems like I live in a country where half the country sees that there’s no racism. I’ve made many jokes about the polling that always shows that about two-thirds of Republicans say reverse racism is a worse problem. That’s been a fodder of comedy here. And then — really, so they say racism is gone, and then there’s a big part now, I think, critical race theory they call it, where racism is everything and everywhere. Please tell me that we all agree the answer’s somewhere in the middle.”

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