Cotton Warns on Biden’s Refusal to Answer Court-Packing Question — Means Loss of Religious Liberty, 2nd Amendment Rights

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) discussed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s non-response to a question about packing the Supreme Court if elected president.

Cotton said such an effort could alter the perception of constitutionally protected rights in the eyes of the high court.

“Joe Biden obviously doesn’t want to answer the question whether he’ll pack the court because his far-left flank wants to pack the court,” he said. “A packed court means that you’ll lose your right to religious freedom. It means that they’ll take away your Second Amendment rights. They’ll force you to use your taxes to pay for abortion-on-demand, up to the ninth month — maybe even beyond. They’ll take your home and give it to giant corporations to use for a parking lot at their office complex.”

“That’s what Joe Biden is dodging,” Cotton continued. “It wouldn’t become an issue if he said no, I don’t want to pack the court. It would put the issue to rest. The reason he doesn’t want to put the issue to rest by simply saying no, I don’t want to pack the court, is because the Democrats have become so radical that they are willing to take unprecedented steps to fundamentally restructure the nature of our government to achieve their far-left agenda.”

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