Carville: Harris I Will Not Be Lectured Line Hit Home– ‘Women Hate to Be Lectured by Men’

Democrat strategist James Carville said Wednesday on MSNBC after the vice-presidential debate that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) repeatedly objecting to being “lectured” by Vice President Mike Pence really hit “home” with women.

Carville said, “What stood out to you tonight? ‘I will not be lectured.’ Senator Harris said that multiple times. Women hate to be lectured by men, and she drove that point home. The other thing that stood out to me: She referred to Vice President Biden as ‘Joe,’ a conscientious decision that was made. Two things that struck me again and again. And Pence was a radio guy. Remember, they were being seen all the time, even when they’re not speaking, and Harris was much better trained. She didn’t lose her cool, smiled, took notes. Pence grimaced the whole time. You’re on 100% of the time, radio debate she would have won 55-45. But it was television debate. I’m surprised that his people didn’t train him better for that. But she really won the not speaking, visual part of that debate.”

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