Meacham: Biden the ‘Mainstream,’ ‘Centrist’ Candidate

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network contributor and presidential historian Jon Meacham previewed the night’s upcoming presidential debate.

Meacham predicted President Donald Trump will be a “bombastic, bullying, clearly out of his depth incumbent” trying to talk over and bully both the moderator and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. In contrast, Meacham argued Biden is “mainstream” and a “centrist figure.”

“What’s going to be vivid on the stage tonight I think is you’re going to have a bombastic, bullying, clearly out of his depth incumbent talking over and trying to bully both the moderator and the Democratic nominee,” Meacham outlined. “And the Democratic nominee is not outside the American mainstream. In many ways, he is the mainstream. Joe Biden is a center-left figure. If not a centrist figure. You know, he’s totally explicable and understandable in terms of new deal through Obama politics. And that’s great, and that has its vices too. And one of the reasons that Donald Trump is president is because people found that conversation and that culture to be incommensurate to their era. And we don’t need to go to the reality show Berlitz classes to try to understand that. We understand what Biden is saying.”

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