Pollster Who Predicted 2016 Says Trump Will Win Again — Polls Missing ‘Hidden Vote’

Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly on Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” predicted President Donald Trump would win reelection because of the “hidden vote” polling is missing.

In 2016, Trafalgar Group predicted Trump winning in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Cahaly said, “What we’ve noticed is that these polls are predominantly missing, you know, the hidden Trump vote, what I have referred to as the shy Trump voter. There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people for the president, not interested in sharing their opinion so readily on the telephone. When you see people be beat up, harassed, doxxed, and we see their houses torn up because they express political opinions that are not in line with the political correct establishment. And so, these people are a lot more hesitant to not participate in polls, so if you are not compensating for this, if you are not trying to give them a poll they can participate in with a lower threshold that would make them feel more comfortable that it is anonymous, you are not getting honest answers.”

He added, “I see the president winning with a minimum high 270s and possibly going up significantly higher based on just how big this undercurrent is.”

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