Schumer: I and Senate Dems Support Legislation ‘Along the Concepts and Principles of the Green New Deal’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) responded to a question on whether he would bring the Green New Deal up for a vote if Democrats capture the Senate majority by stating that he supports legislation “along the concepts and principles of the Green New Deal” and that such legislation would pass if brought to the floor.

Schumer said, “Look, there’s a new program called the THRIVE Agenda. Eddie Markey, the author of the Green New Deal, and I are two lead sponsors. it takes the basic principles of the Green New Deal and makes them — puts them more specifically. I am for big, bold climate legislation early on. One of the things that I’ve introduced already, which Biden put into his platform, is called clean cars for America, which would take all internal combustion engines off the road by 2040. And guess what? We’ve worked this legislation. I like to take big, bold ideas and then make them passable, get the votes. Guess who’s for this for the first time? All the unions, AFL-CIO, UAW. Because all the new electric cars will be made in America with strong union labor, and the — Ford and GM. Because they want to become the center of electric car manufacturing and don’t want to let China do it, in addition to all the environmental groups, from the more moderate to the most progressive. We put that bill on the floor, it’s going to pass. We want to do the same thing for electricity, for buildings, and for agriculture and manufacturing. So, it’s a big, bold, strong bill, along the concepts and principles of the Green New Deal.”

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