Pelosi: Trump ‘Has Failed Miserably in Responding to This Virus’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that President Donald Trump’s “administration has failed miserably in responding to this virus.”

Pelosi said, “The truth is that this administration has failed miserably in responding to this virus. In fact, today, our select committee on the coronavirus put out a report titled, “Inefficient, Ineffective, Inequitable, the Trump administration’s failed response to the Coronavirus.” We had given the administration plenty of time to come back with answers as to how they would deal with honoring our heroes. You just paid tribute to the heroes who are there in health care. Many of them are part of state and local facilities to minister to needs of people with coronavirus. Honor our heroes. They risk their lives to save lives. Now many of them will lose their jobs. Why? Because the president does not want to recognize that state and local government is playing a very big role in ministering to the needs of those who are sick as well as the revenue they have lost because of the coronavirus.”

She added, “They keep saying, more than two weeks ago, the secretary said they were going to agree to our language on testing. Finally, they were going to agree to our language on testing, but they haven’t yet. So let’s not get involved in what the secretary did say in his letter that I think should be pointed out is that we should be grateful, we should be thanking them rather than criticizing them, thanking them for nearly 250,000 people dying from the coronavirus, thank you for just over 9 million people affected, tens of millions, as you mentioned, going on unemployment insurance, 8 million people slipping into poverty because of the coronavirus, 17 million children, food insecure. Millions of their families on the verge of eviction and not honoring our state and local —not crushing the virus? Not crushing the virus? And they want us to say thank you. So let’s just be calm. Let’s just understand this election is very important. We will insist upon the truth.”

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