CNN’s Carpenter: America Is ‘Much More Scary, Dangerous Place’ Because of Donald Trump

CNN political contributor Amanda Carpenter said Sunday on “State of the Union” that America “has become a much more scary, dangerous place,” and she blamed President Donald Trump.

Carpenter said, “Let’s not pretend this is a messaging problem. This is a Donald Trump problem. This is serious. We are living in a more dangerous country because of Donald Trump. The tweets are the policy. You cannot separate what he says from what he is. I came into a studio today, Washington D.C. is boarded up. We are no longer free to move about the country. So, yes, these Republicans can come on and tell me I should support Trump for policies. That goes out the window when we are not free to see our loved ones. That goes out the window when someone sticks a tube down the throat of your loved ones when Americans are gassed in Lafayette Square, and people made orphans at our border. We are in a scary time right now.”

She added, “Four years ago, I thought I knew what kind of country we were. It has become a much more scary, dangerous place. This is a scary time before the election because we are waiting to see who we are again. It is because of Donald Trump’s words and actions that we’re here.”

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