Tucker Carlson Says He Is Not Leaving Fox News — ‘This Show Is Not Going Anywhere, It Is Getting Bigger’

Halfway through Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson put to rest supposed rumors that his show would leave his current network.

Instead, Carlson said the show was not leaving, and instead, it was expanding its presence within Fox News.

“Before we get to the next segment, a quick note about this show: Over the weekend, we got a lot of calls asking if we’re leaving Fox News. Ironically, at that very moment, we were working on a project to expand the amount of reporting and analysis we do in this hour across other parts of the company. This show is not going anywhere. It is getting bigger. People who run Fox News want more of it, not less, and we are grateful for that. We’ll have specifics soon. But as always, thank you for your trust in us. We’ll do our best to be worthy of it.”

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UPDATE: A Fox News spokeswoman reached out to Breitbart News following the publication of this article requesting the context of Carlson’s statement be included in this article. The statement as follows:

“Tucker was addressing the rumors that started from a Facebook post that circulated on Parler.”


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