Scarborough: ‘Sad,’ ‘Pathetic’ Giuliani ‘Being Allowed to Go Out and Embarrass Himself’

Friday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to President Donald Trump’s legal team holding a press conference about fraud in the 2020 election.

Scarborough lamented at how “sad” and “pathetic” it is that Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who he noted “had lost his step” from his time as New York City mayor, is “being allowed to go out and embarrass himself.”

“I just know before Rudy became mayor of New York City, New York was just an absolute mess, and a couple of years after, it was cleaned up. And Giuliani gets a lot of credit for that. It was an extraordinary turnaround and a turnaround that, up until the pandemic, New Yorkers enjoyed and benefited from. Of course, Bloomberg came in and did a very good job. Crime continued going down under Bill de Blasio,” Scarborough stated. “I will say it is sad — it is pathetic that Rudy Giuliani is being allowed to go out and embarrass himself. I mean this, as a human. We have all seen what happens when our parents grow old when our loved ones grow old. And every one of us, Mika, and I, and I’m sure you have had to step in at times and pull our parents back into the house when they — my mom had dementia. My dad, you know, sort of had some dementia problems at the very end.”

He continued, “And I’m not saying Rudy had dementia, but when people get old, it’s the children who step in and protect them from embarrassing themselves. And, you know, I’m not speculating about Rudy losing a step. Donald Trump told me five years ago that Giuliani had lost his step. And when he wanted Giuliani to be secretary of state, I kept saying on this show and to Trump and to people around Trump, ‘Wait a second. You said he lost a step. You said that he’s passed out by 6:00, 6:30 at night, that his mind wanders.’ This was four years ago they were talking about him losing a step, and they’re still allowing him to go out four years later and embarrass himself.”

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