Giuliani on PA Presidential Election Tally: ‘They’d Be Committing Perjury if They Certified It’

Wednesday on FBN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is serving as an attorney for President Donald Trump, argued there were gross irregularities with the ballot tallies in Pennsylvania, especially with the mail-in ballot count.

Giuliani told host Lou Dobbs that certification of the presidential election tallies state of Pennsylvania would be an act of perjury given these discrepancies.

“I thought it went very well because it was the first time that we had the opportunity to put our evidence out,” Giuliani said. “I mean, they’ve been suppressing it, including judges suppressing it. They don’t want the American people to hear the evidence of fraud. They just keep repeating, oh, they don’t have any evidence, they don’t have any evidence. We have a mountain of evidence. We only put out a small amount of it as representative of what we have. But you can see, I mean, we’re talking about ordinary people who were threatened, who were prevented from voting — for voting for President Trump, ballots that were counted in secret in a back room, hundreds of thousands of them, not just a few, mail — mail-in ballots that just don’t make sense.”

“They sent out — the state of Pennsylvania sent out 1.8 million mail-in ballots but got back 2.5 million?” he continued. “Somebody had to be making up a lot of phony mail-in ballots for that to happen. I mean, that really — that really proves, without even a witness, that they were stuffing the ballot box. And then you had witnesses, including a Democrat, who was shocked at how far they went in Philadelphia to steal the election are. This is not a situation of a few mistakes. There’s a massive fraud in the city of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh involving now about 700,000 to 800,000 votes that were stolen. And the legislature is in charge, the Constitution, under Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 gives the authority to the legislature — legislature to determine how to select electors. And given the fact that this vote count in Pennsylvania is false, they can’t possibly certify it. They’d be committing perjury if they certified it. They now know that.”

“I think we convinced them that the vote count’s off by about 600,000 or 700,000 votes in just — in just Pennsylvania alone,” Giuliani added.

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