Lieu: Trump’s Pardon Is ‘Corrupt’ — ‘Congress Needs to Hold Michael Flynn Accountable’

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC that Congress needed to hold former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn “accountable” because President Donald Trump’s pardon was “corrupt.”

Anchor Yasmin Vossoughian said, “Let’s talk about this controversial pardon overnight of Mike Flynn. Here is what Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler tweeted, and I quote, ‘Mike Flynn lied to investigators about communicating with a foreign adversary, that’s a crime. Trump dangled a pardon in exchange for Flynn’s cooperation, that is abuse of power.’ Is the Judiciary Committee prepared to do more than finger-wagging at this point after this pardon?”

Lieu said, “I do believe that Congress needs to hold Michael Flynn accountable. But let’s first be grateful that Michael Flynn was, in fact, fired and did not serve as national security adviser for the last four years because that would have been a corrupt disaster. That’s in large part due to the professionalism and hard work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I want to commend the FBI for their investigation into Michael Flynn.”

He added, “This pardon itself is corrupt. I agree with Chairman Nadler that he was dangled a pardon. That’s why he remained silent and did not incriminate Donald Trump. But now that the pardon has happened, his Fifth Amendment right regarding this issue goes away, and Michael Flynn will now have to testify about what Donald Trump knew related to Russia.”

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