Braun: No One Talking About Georgia Runoffs — ‘They’re Still Concerned’ About the Presidential Election

Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) said Wednesday on MSNBC that he is having a hard time getting people focused on next month’s U.S. Senate special elections in Georgia. He said people were “still concerned” about the 2020 presidential results.

Anchor Kasie Hunt asked, “Is Joe Biden the president-elect of the United States?”

Braun said, “You know, I think Mitch described the process very accurately. Kevin Cramer was on with Chuck Todd a week or so ago, and I think there is a process that we all acknowledge. Vote certifications which have occurred most recently in some of the swing states, and you’ve got December 14 when the electoral college meets.”

Hunt said, “Is that the bar for you? Should I come ask you again on December 14?”

Braun said, “The bar for me is to let the process play itself out. The reason I say that — I’ve spent so much time on these Georgia races, trying to weigh in to get support from Indiana for them and just heard in the last week to ten days, when I try to talk about that, most of the people I’m talking to are still wanting to be talking about the election itself. If there’s any chance that next year, regardless of the outcome, that we unify and get together, I think this has got to play itself out. I think President Trump and the White House is fully aware they’ve got deadlines they’ve got to meet. But the people I talk to back in Indiana, where President Trump won by nearly the same margin in 2020 as he did in 2016, they’re still concerned about the election itself. Unless it’s played out, you’re going to have half the country disgruntled. I think if you dismiss that, you’re looking at it unrealistically in terms of how we get past it and go forward in the new Congress.”

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