David Perdue: Kelly Loeffler and I Will Make Darn Sure We Don’t Let the ‘Road to Socialism’ Run Through Georgia

Friday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), who is less than one month out of a reelection bid against Democrat Jon Ossoff, vowed that, along with Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), also on the ballot, will not let the “road to socialism” go through Georgia.

“I’m as outraged as anybody,” Perdue said. “And I was the first one, a few days after our election on November 3rd, after I saw what was going on and not being able to get an accurate count then, we started raising questions about the signatures. And I was the first one to call for a signature audit because of all the changes that came out of the consent decree. We have a situation that Georgia’s never had before, before you compare the signature on the absentee ballot application and the envelope back to the registration. That didn’t happen in every case this time, and we have a double standard, as you said.

“If you vote in person, which most Republicans did in Georgia, you have a high standard,” he continued. “It’s a voter ID standard, photo ID. But if you’re doing absentee ballot — and, by the way, absentee ballots went from an average about 5% historically to over 30% in this election in November. So, I will leave it to the viewers to determine, but we know something is untoward here. You don’t have these many pieces of information coming out as we’ve had today and the last month. But here we are in December, and we still don’t have the determination, and yet, Kelly Loeffler and I are given the task to look forward to January 5 and make darn sure that we don’t let the road to socialism run through the state of Georgia by losing those two seats.”

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