Michael Flynn: There’s an ‘Anti-American’ Sentiment in the DoJ, FBI, Intel Community

Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” former National Security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn argued there was an “anti-American sense” within some agencies within the federal government.

Partial transcript as follows:

FLYNN: First of all, we all know that this was an effort to get Flynn to get Trump, and that’s been very — made very clear. One particular senior FBI agent who has now put into an affidavit, which is a good word to use right now, and that statement that he made was outrageous.

The other things that, you know — the 2016 campaign, 2016 transition, and then into the White House. This entire effort — when people say hey, Mike, I’m sorry for what happened to you, what I tell people is don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for this president, feel sorry for the presidency of this country, and be outraged at what they tried to do to this country.

And that’s really what this was about. This was about going after a president who won an election and they — by all rights, they figured oh, no way is he going to win.

So imagine if these people that went after the president — or after President Trump and his presidency in our country — imagine if they had allowed him to just say, “Hey, let’s see what this can do.” We’d probably be double or triple in every category of economy, our military, everything. And look at what President Trump has been able to do despite the kind of assault that he’s been under.

And we’re still facing that right now in this current election. We have an element in our country, some of which is in the institutions of our government — the Department of Justice and certainly, the FBI and other elements like the intelligence community that just basically are — I mean, I think most Americans would agree or many Americans would agree that there’s an anti-American sense inside of some of these institutions. And they just do not want to see our country thrive in the way that I think Donald Trump has been able to do that despite the assault on him and his ability to lead this country.

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