Alfredo Ortiz: Small Businesses ‘Need an Infusion of Cash’ — Politicians Must Stop Playing Games

Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz said Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto” that politicians in Washington D.C. needed to stop playing games and pass coronavirus stimulus that gives small businesses an “infusion of cash.”

Ortiz said, “I have to tell you I hope this broadcast has a broadcast to delay on it. I am mad as heck. I may slip and say a bad word or two. I’m so upset about what is going on in D.C. in terms of the lack of help that is actually being extended to our small businesses. Your lead-in here was perfect. It is so true. I’m hearing this every single day, my texts, phone calls. These small businesses have run out of money, Neil. They never expected they would have to make it this far. Fifty-one million jobs were saved, with five million loans made to business as made as part of the Paycheck Protection Program in the spring. That money is gone, Neil. What we need is we need an infusion of cash again to get these small businesses up to roughly about May when we will have roughly 100 million people inoculated, vaccinated, and hopefully have the herd immunity.”

He added, “A third of the businesses are basically shut down now. I mean, these are real numbers, and these are real tragedies and real stories. You know I saw AOC tweet out, for example, that we have to help Black small businesses. Yes, we absolutely have to do that, but we have to help the Asian and Latino small businesses and female small businesses and Republican small businesses and independent and Democratic small businesses. Thirty million small businesses, Neil, right now are suffering, that employ 60 million people in this country and D.C. is playing the old political games. They have got to stop and get things done.”

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