GOP Rep. Kinzinger: Trump’s Behavior Has ‘Definitely Been Erratic at the End’

Monday, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) agreed with MSNBC “Andrea Mitchell Reports” host Andrea Mitchell that President Donald Trump’s behavior has been “erratic” when it comes to the coronavirus stimulus bill. Trump has been fighting to increase the stimulus check payout to individuals from $600 to $2,000.

Kinzinger said he believes Trump has been “more focused in grievances than finishing out strong.”

“Maybe he was watching you yesterday because you made a strong argument against him, you know, either vetoing the bill or sitting on the bill. At this stage, how desperate the economic situation is for Americans. His behavior has certainly been not just unprecedented and norm-breaking but erratic,” Mitchell posed to the lawmaker from Illinois.

“Yes, it’s definitely been erratic at the end here,” Kinzinger replied. “I think he’s more focused on grievances than finishing out strong. The NDAA — the veto of that makes no sense, but hopefully, we override that. Section 230, if you have a real issue with Section 230, that’s fine, but the defense bill isn’t the place to deal with it. That’s through the Energy and Commerce Committee and others. So look, we’ve got 20-some days left, we just have to do what’s right, and the bottom line is we need to stand up for people that are hurting right now during COVID, and I think Congress will do that today.”

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