FNC’s Bila: ‘Outrageous’ GOP Senators Objecting to Election Results — They’re Trying to ‘Overturn the Will of the People’

Jedidiah Bila, co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday, criticized Republicans who were planning to object to the Electoral College results.

During Bila’s appearance on FNC’s “Media Buzz,” host Howard Kurtz asked, “Let me get you into this unfolding story about the effort by Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, other Republican senators to challenge the electoral college results. Do you think the media misjudged the seriousness and widespread support in the GOP for this effort even though everybody says it’s doomed to fail?”

Bila said, “You know, I don’t think it’s widespread support, to be honest I actually find it really outrageous. And the reason is that if you look at what’s gone on here, I think the media has actually been pretty fair, particularly the news divisions.”

She continued, “This has gone through the courts. Sixty cases have been brought to the courts, oftentimes widespread voter fraud has not even been alleged in court because there simply isn’t evidence to support that. If you look at the evidence that has been shown, it does not support that. There’s nothing that supports that this was rigged or stolen. And I think it’s a very dangerous precedent. Elections have consequences that I think you have to accept.”

She added, “It’s not just me saying that. That’s what the evidence supports, that this was a secure election. You don’t want people to feel that they can just say on a whim, ‘Well, it wasn’t secure,’ based on really nothing and try to overturn the will of the people.”

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